Locksmiths Golden Rule For Customers – Poor Door Locks That Are Easy To Pick

Locks keep our homes and business establishments safe. Choosing the right lock system for our homes is the most important decisions we will ever make when it comes to home security. Having the right locks can keep your home and family safe, and give you peace of mind. Unfortunately, not all of us is concerned enough to get the best lock systems for our homes. Sometimes, we choose to buy locks simply because they are cheaper or because they look beautiful. There is nothing wrong with opting more economical types or for the more pleasant looking devices. But, we should always take into consideration that the primary purposes of locks are safety and reliability.

Sometimes, we find ourselves locked out in the middle of the night. Or perhaps, we misplaced the key to the garage of the garden shed. It would be good to know that there are tricks we can do to pick the locks with having to hire the services. But there is more to it than that. Because when we are able to pick our door locks just like that, then surely the bad guys can do it as well. So, before getting excited of your newfound skill, think of the dangerous repercussions when you and I opt for door locks that are easy to pick or poor quality lock systems.
Here are some door locks that can be picked effortlessly with a little practice.

  1. Cheap padlocks. They can easily be opened using a pin, a paper clip or other common household items. For instance, you can fashion a paper clip into an improvised torsion wrench. All you have to do is make little L-shaped pins. Even bobby pins can be used here. Since padlocks are not permanently attached to anything, they are easier to manipulate. With patience and practice, you are on your way to opening your cheap padlock.
  2. Common door knobs. These are the lock systems most of us use in our doors, even our front doors! Common door locks come in different forms, two of the most common are the knob locks and the lever handle locks. Both locks can easily be opened using paper clips or even plastic cards. Opening locks with credit cards is referred to as “jimmying.” You just swipe the card into the lock and presto, you have unlocked your door.
  3. Dead bolts. Most of us think that deadbolts are pry-free. While it is true that they are more difficult to pick than most types of locks because there is no knob that burglars can twist, prying is still possible if it is not installed properly. When there is a gap between the door and the jamb, anybody can insert a card or household tools in it. Another thing is, most deadbolts do not feature pick-guards. This simply means that these can also be opened using a fine pick slipped into its top especially if the lock was not properly installed.

We found that poor quality locks are easier to pick than high quality ones. There are locks that feature anti pick technology. They may cost more initially, but they will be worth it in the long run. The key is to shop around and look for one that best fit your requirements.

So, how to avoid being victimized by burglars? Invest in the best lock you can find. Ask for referrals or interview those who have tried using them. Read industry reviews to help you decide. There are so many tools available for customers who wish to gather as much details lock work and how each before deciding on which to choose. Whatever option we take, it is prudent to understand how the system works. For after all, the security of our family and home rest in them.